JBL Surround Sound Systems

Some time back, it would have been hard for most people to come to terms with the fact that JBL surround sound systems were a reality. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who are yet to believe in the reality that is JBL surround sound systems. However, it is not worth wasting time thinking about the rest, while we can spend the same time considering the best.

Over time users and buyers alike have had to deal with the unfortunate situation of having to buy overpriced sound systems simply because they are manufactured in a particular country, or manufactured by a particular manufacturer. However, the inception of the JBL surround systems has seen a remarkable revolution in the market, and the users can now be able to spend less, and still get quality from the sound speaker systems.

JBL surround sound speaker systems are particularly known for their true performance in as far as home and vehicle speaker systems are concerned. Apart from that, these speaker systems are also accredited for the beautiful sounds that a lot of people have installed in their personal surround speaker systems. As a matter of fact, in the event that you are thinking of buying a JBL surround speaker system, you can be sure that you have by far the best references ever. This is so since most of the surround sound systems that are found in some of the biggest stadiums are powered by JBL surround sound systems.

Apart from the stadiums, you can also take heart in the fact that these speaker systems are also found in the numerous recording studios and also cinemas and concert halls. Such big has the reputation of the JBL surround speaker systems grown to the extent that they are considered a power house in some spheres as compared to some of the earlier competitors in the market. The JBL surround speaker system has become one of the main brands in the market in as far as quality is concerned, to the extent that they are now offering customers even some great offers and discounts on their products just so that they can get a taste of what true surround sound systems are all about.

These surround sound systems are perfectly designed, and this is quite evident from the arrangement of the speakers from the floor speakers, to the bookshelf speakers, not forgetting about the center channels. Their subwoofers are not also left behind in this evolution, as they also produce some amazing sound that is bound to blow your mind with some great quality music.

Logitech X-540: Great Gaming Surround Sound System

One of the most important aspects of a great video game experience is the sound. It used to be the case that just having clear sound or even loud background sounds and music were good enough. With the advent of surround sound, everything changed. Now sound has the effect of making the game more realistic by immersing the player in the game. This article will discuss what this technology offers a gamer as well as describing a great gaming sound system – the Logitech X-540.

Surround Sound Gaming – A New Level of Immersion

Surround sound systems create an atmosphere for gamers that you just can’t get from stereo or mono systems. When stereo sound was introduced and video games began using stereo, the gaming experience was greatly enhanced because the gamer could now perceive noises and music as if it was coming from the middle, left or right sides of their view.

This type of sound completely changed this by giving the gamer the ability to hear things coming at them from the sides or even behind them! Great video game programmers then utilized this technology to enhance game play by having opponents sneak up behind the gamer or you could hear bullets fly by you.

Gamers are always looking for the most immersive experience and surround sound can help provide that experience by the audio environment it creates.

If you have never experienced surround sound in a game that was designed to use it, ask a friend or visit your local gaming store and try any of the modern first person shooters to get an example of the feel this creates.

Logitech X-540

Once you’ve decided to get a surround sound system, you then need to determine the best system for your budget and needs.

While it is definitely possible to spend thousands of dollars on a sound system that offers every bell and whistle in existence, you are probably better off choosing a system from a company that specializes in gaming sound systems.

Logitech has several lines of surround sound gaming systems on the market. One of the most popular is the Logitech X-540.

This system has great features and comes at an entry level price. It has four satellite speakers, a center satellite speaker and a booming subwoofer as well as a nice control interface.

The 5.1 sound system offers 70 watts of clean, clear sound. The drivers in the satellite speakers are a patented technology that prevents uneven response so you get a nice smooth sound.

The subwoofer is special in the fact that it was designed to drive the sound downwards. This makes the bass sound much deeper because it spreads it evenly throughout your room.

The control pod gives you the ability to control the volume and bass level as well as a headphone jack like most surround sound system controllers do. The feature that makes this unit distinctive is that it has Matrix Mode.

Matrix Mode converts that sound produced by older video games (stereo sound) into surround sound. This completely changes the experience you will have playing older games and all you have to do is press a button.

Final Thoughts

Surround sound systems are great for gaming and can really make the experience more immersive. Systems like the Logitech X-540 are an excellent choice to take your gaming experience to the next level.

The ABCs of a Home Theater System or Sound System

Before purchasing a sound system for your home, it is important to understand the vocabulary and basic components that make up a quality sound system. For the average listener the vernacular may be a bit overwhelming. What makes up a sound system? What are the components and features of each? How does this relate to what I can hear? Let’s explore this further.

A typical sound system or home theater system consists of 3 major speaker components: subwoofer or bass speakers, mid-range or woofer speakers, and tweeters to bring out that full rich melody that sounds so wonderful when it reaches your ear. Each component is specifically designed to reproduce sounds within its respective design frequency range. Subwoofers reproduce very low frequencies called bass sounds while woofers are designed to reproduce mid range frequencies. Tweeters, on the other hand, reproduce high frequencies such as the tinkle of a bell. Typically there is an accompanying or built-in amplifier to provide the necessary power to run all the components. As stated above, all combined provide the listener with the very rich full range sounds comparable to what one hears at a movie theater.

Now, let’s put all this into perspective with what the human ear can hear: the name “tweeter’ and “woofer” originated from sounds that we so commonly hear on a daily basis emanating from birds (tweet) and dogs (woof). The human ear is capable of hearing sound frequencies in the audible range from 20 Hz (Hertz) to 20,000 Hz. A subwoofer has a range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz, thus starting at the low end of human listening. The large subwoofer size permits it to move air more freely during the sound process while maintaining that deep rich low bass sound that we can literally feel in the air. Woofers on the other hand, range from 40 Hz to 2,000 Hz mid range frequencies, and are smaller than subwoofers. Tweeters range from 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which places it at the upper end of human ear frequency response, and these are typically the smallest of the three types. All three speaker types combined cover the entire spectrum of the human ear listening experience while at the same time providing the clarity associated with each component.

The majority of the flat panel TVs being sold are limited in space allocation for their speakers thus affecting the quality of sound coming from the unit and, furthermore, are challenged by the manufacturer’s design efforts to produce a television as thin as possible. The quality of sound emanating from those units often leaves a lot to be desired and purchasing a good sound system adds significantly to the quality of sound being produced without having to spend a fortune.

An individual has the less common option to purchase the sound system speaker units as separate components or as is more commonly done… a complete package. For those not versed in home theater technology the package deal is convenient and installation/setup is simple. The price ranges in quality and with each manufacturer. Recently, with the advent of flat panel TVs, manufacturers have developed a new concept design called the sound bar or soundbar that plug into the back or side of your current HD flat panel TV via a single cable that is HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) compliant. It contains all the frequency range speakers and amplifier necessary to nearly give you that rich Dolby sound system that one hears in theaters, and at a very affordable price.

So, in conclusion, if you’re not happy with the sounds coming from your new HDTV then please take a look at the many inexpensive home theater systems or sound bars that are available to the consumer. You will be getting a lot of bang for your bucks and it’s a good way to bring family and friends together for a truly pleasurable experience!

Choosing The Best Sound System

For that great sound experience that most music lovers long for, one has to be very careful when it comes to selection and eventual purchase of the sound system for personal use. A great number of sound systems have emerged in the market to meet the rising demand for audio reproduction but this does not mean that all these equipment are a good quality ones. For clear and quality music, the best sound system has to be in place.

Many people in this field will agree to the fact that you can enjoy music and have that memorable experience when the best external hardware is in place. In most cases surround speakers that are well linked and connected with woofers play a major role in ensuring that quality sound is produced. Regardless of all this, there are certain special considerations that people need to seriously look into in ensuring that they have the best sound system to suit their needs.

To begin with, one has to consider the size of his room or rather the room where the system will be placed. This is because the choice of the system will entirely depend on where it will be placed. For instance, big rooms require powerful systems so that the entire production of music is felt as it is to be. Small rooms on the other hand do well with satellite speakers that are usually meant to produce sound that is not ear breaking. If the room in question is the bedroom, you can go for directional speakers that will basically direct the music or sound to the room without casing discomfort. Amplifiers can also be used but their use will all depend on the acoustic need at the moment. It is agreeable that amplifiers have a lower sound output than the speakers and therefore if a person does not want the sound that comes banging out of the speakers, then they would come in handy.

In making the quality of the sound more appealing to the ears, people have opted for the sub woofers as they give them just what they need at a given time. When the correct woofers are chosen, then one is assured of better sound that is of very high quality. As the lower frequencies deliver warmer sound, this component of a sound system is very important. The home theater system options usually come together with the sub-woofer.

Therefore, having said all that, it is important to pay close attention to a number of factors as they will determine the kind of sound system that they will get for their use. The most important factor is that of understanding the basics of the systems so that you get to know which one is suitable for your room size. You should also take into a consideration whether you need audio visual equipment or only sound equipment. Additionally, when you have an idea of the differences between the systems, then there is no doubt that you will end up with the best system.

Quality comes with a cost and therefore people need to note that if there is something they desire that is of high quality in audio reproduction there is a cost that they will have to incur. It is advisable that you get what actually suites your needs as well as your pocket. At the end of the day, you will have a sound system that best meets all your needs.

Bose(R) Solo TV Sound System – The Cool Alternative For Your Stereos

The Bose® Solo TV Sound System presents you with the new sleek sound solutions. It is so slick that it just fits below your HDTV, making the quality of your TV programs dramatically better. Frustrated that you cannot hear the dialogues of your favorite TV programs with utmost clarity? Does your flat panel TVs speaker cannot meet up with your requirements? Why not try our new product. All that you need to do is to connect our sound system to your TV and the other end to the wall, and sit back relax and enjoy your program. You do not even need a separate equipment to make our product work.

Want an even but wider sound throughout the room? The Bose® Solo TV Sound System provides you with the latest array technology making the sound heard wider and more even throughout the room. The Bose speaker comes up with the cutting-edge proprietary digital signal processing making the music and dialogues reach you more clearly and naturally, with added effects.

The compact alternative

Almost all TVs sized up to 37″ and sometimes even up to 42″ can be mounted on this audio system. This makes it very simple that you don’t need to roam around for a separate stand for your sound system. You can place the Bose® Solo TV Sound System under a wall mounted TV, or a cabinet or a shelf. You can have it in your living room or your bedroom or anywhere you want. All that is needed is a plug-in to the socket on one side and the TV on the other and forget the whole world around with one finger touch on the remote.

High level performance

The Bose sound system comes to you with the proprietary digital signal processing that makes the sound more even and it detects every variation signal and hence you do not need to alter the volume with that tweak you hear with a sudden rise in volume. Even if your room is a very compact enclosure, the audio system makes the sound distributed evenly throughout, through the array technology.


Hear your can`t-miss-it dialogues with the utmost clarity and hear even the subtle sound that may go without noticed otherwise, through the Bose® Solo TV Sound System. Try it once and you will become such an addict to your TV that you will turn up eventually into a couch potato. The task is made easier with the remote. It comes with just a four button remote that is extremely user- friendly and a universal remote that allows you to access the other components of your TV. Own your Bose® Solo TV Sound System and become your neighbor`s envy.

The components of the box

The whole box consists of the Bose® Solo TV Sound System, the Remote Control, the Power Cord, Optical digital audio cable and an analogue cable. The box comes along with a user manual with step by step instructions making your audio system extremely user friendly. You can approach the online product support center for any further technical assistance.

Home Theater Sound System – 10 Things to Know

A home theater system without a good home theater sound system will not serve its purpose. The visuals we get to see through a home theater system is one that will enchant us, but if the visuals are not supplemented with great sound, the fun of watching a movie or any other event over a home theater system diminishes. The sound system is one of the most important parts of a home theater system and without good sound you will not get to enjoy your home theater to its maximum. If you are looking for a good home theater sound system then the following tips will help you in finding one.

A home theater sound system will consist of an amplifier and a set of speakers. A home theater speaker system is made up of a center channel speaker, two front speakers, surround speakers, a sub woofer and in some cases two rear speakers too. A good home theater sound system will make all its components work together to give you quality sound similar to what you’ll experience in a movie theater. The center speaker is the most important speaker in the set as more than half of a sound track and almost the entire movie dialogue is reproduced by the center channel speaker. The best place to keep the center speaker would be just above or below the screen.

The effect of a sound system will vary with the room that houses the home theater system. A home theater sound system will have a different effect in every room and the dimensions, shape and the items in a room influence what you get to hear from a home theater sound system. If the home theater is going to be placed in your family room where other activities will happen then you may want to place the components of the home theater sound system hidden from normal view. A home theater sound system will give out its best effect when the speakers are placed in the right position for the room and when the settings on the amplifier is adjusted concurrently with the placement of speakers and the dimensions of the room.

There are many brands of home theater sound systems available in the market and you can pick an entire set or pick different components of different brands. If you are planning to mix and match then ensure that each speaker will work well together as a set. The best option would be to go for an entire set from a brand as the speakers would have been designed to complement each other in the sound system set. If you want to compare the different home theater sound systems in the market then you can make a visit to the electronic stores and make a list of all available options. Compare the prices and capabilities of all sound systems and then select on 2 or 3 which you think will satisfy your needs. To make your final decision you can listen to the home theater sound systems and then pick the one that has the best sound quality. You can play a music CD on the system to give you an idea of what you’ll get when you play a DVD movie on the system. Pick the one that sounds best and enjoy great quality sound for years to come.

Building a Bicycle Sound System

Bicycle Sound Systems (BSS) are growing in popularity. Anyone who has gone to a festival, seen or participated in a Critical Mass ride or watched the Skyride events in the UK will have seen a BSS in operation. The following is a description of what I have learnt over the years in the art of building a sound system attached to a bicycle.

Please note that all this is just my opinion; there are no rules. If it works and you or someone else is happy with the result then that is great. Duke Ellington once said, “There are two types of music, good and bad. If you like it, it’s good music.”

The first consideration before building a bicycle sound system is to ask yourself exactly what is it for? Now this may sound like a stupid question but consider:

Is the music for your own enjoyment, other cyclists riding with you, or members of the public watching?
Will you be riding the bike whilst the music is playing? (probably answered in the first question)
Would you like to play just your own music or have facilities, i.e. mixing desk, microphones, to make the system more flexible?
Would you wish to hire out the system at festivals and other events?
Where would the system be stored when not in use?
How would you get the system to the events?

Hopefully you can see the reason for asking these questions first. Once you know what the BSS is for, there are now a few more questions.

What is the budget?
How loud is the system to be?
Will you want to operate it in the rain?
Is it to be self-powered?
Would you want to use a trailer?

I am going to presume that the BSS is designed to have the music playing whilst being ridden. I have seen ‘static’ systems but I feel the whole idea of a BSS is that we have mobile music.

A top of the range BSS could run into thousands of pounds, especially if everything needed was bought new.

The volume of the system is probably the key to everything. The amount of power needed outside is far, far more than is needed inside; most of the sound from speakers inside a building is actually reflected sound. Take the walls away and the volume drops massively.

There has to be a balance between what is audible, the fidelity of the reproduction, what can be afforded, and what is practical. A super loud system can not only annoy the neighbourhood and attract the police but it becomes really heavy and is impossible to move. Remember there is not just the weight of the speakers, there are also batteries and amplifiers that have to be carried.

Again, how loud depends on the use, if it is just yourself and a cyclist next to you, 50 – 100 watts could be enough. In my opinion, 100 watts would be the absolute minimum. If you want many people to hear you and you want a proper bass response, the wattage must increase. I believe 600 watts is somewhere around the maximum, for both volume and weight.

Critically the amplifier must not be overdriven. This usually happens when the output of the amplifier is not enough for the situation. Everything is turned to max to compensate and there is distortion. We have all heard it, in cars, clueless DJ’s, PA systems… The crazy thing is that turning it down just a bit will reduce the volume very slightly but everything can now be heard properly without distortion.

The question of waterproofing has to be considered from the outset. Placing plastic bags or sheeting over speakers, amps and players does not work; not only does it look terrible, water WILL get in. Another issue is at what point do the covers go on? In case it looks like rain or when it starts raining? The latter means carrying covers to hopefully quickly throw over the system (whilst it is running!) in the hope that nothing gets damaged. Although there are waterproof players out there, the connections are not waterproof. Waterproof speakers do not sound that good, they are small and low powered. I have never seen a waterproof amplifier.

Self -powered or not? This will come down to the volume of the system. An average cyclist can develop 100-200 watts for an hour. Moving the bike and sound system is going to use a certain amount of that power. There are losses involved in converting that power to usable electricity. Taking these factors into account, never mind the engineering problems in generating the electricity, we do not have much left for powering the amplifier. It can and has been done, the systems are not that loud and, in my opinion, are not that good.

Whether or not to use a trailer is again down to what the BSS is for. We have all seen the ghetto-blaster strapped to the side of a bicycle. It works but the sound is not too good and cannot be heard from more than a few metres away.

The main problem with getting a decent sound without a trailer is one of weight. That is why all the good sound systems I have seen use a trailer.

If it is decided that batteries will power the system, we then consider the amplifier. Although the best amplifiers, in terms of fidelity are the domestic, Hi-Fi amps, they run on mains, 110v or 240v AC. This means the battery voltage, most likely 12v DC, must be converted.

This causes all sorts of problems. The worst is that cheaper converters, or inverters, convert the DC into a square wave AC, this makes an amplifier hum. The other problem is the idea of having high voltages running around the system.

Even if these considerations were overcome, the next, probably terminal issue is that a domestic or PA amplifier would probably fall apart in a short time due to the battering bicycle sound systems get. And they do get a battering; cobbles, pot holes, kerbs, speed humps, all give these rigs a hard life.

Basics of Surround Sound Systems

One of the main aspects that make watching a movie enjoyable is sound and surround sound systems have changed what way sound is reproduced in a movie. When in a movie theater we feel as if we are surrounded on all sides with different sound effects and this is because of a surround sound system. In earlier days we used to have speakers only in the front and it was more like an unidirectional sound that we used to experience in theaters but now a movie theater has speakers all around giving you complete sound experience. To get such effects at home, many people have installed speakers and stereo sound equipment to make their home theater system give them surround sound. Many people spend a lot of money on a surround sound system without actually knowing the basics of a surround sound system. Knowing the basics will help you to select the right equipment and also allow you to setup your surround sound system better.

Surround sound as the name depicts is a sound technology which surrounds you with sound from all directions. When you watch a movie in a theater you will be inundated with sound coming from every direction. If you are watching a movie in a theater that has a good surround sound system, you will be able to identify the direction from which a particular sound or dialogue is being reproduced. Surround sound technology gives multiple channels of sound and hence you can split sounds to come out from different speakers. With this option you will be able to hear clear sounds and not a muddled mix of sounds. A surround sound can increase viewing pleasure of not just movies but also in music. Symphonic music or any other type of music can be enjoyed a lot more when heard over a surround sound system. The instrument sounds are split and channeled into the right and left speakers providing you with a great musical experience.

As different sounds are separated to be heard through specific channels, the positioning of the surround sound speakers is very important. If you put all the speakers together in one spot you will not be able to experience surround sound effect. The best option would be to hire a surround sound specialist to setup your surround sound system and the speakers so that you get maximum pleasure out of your surround sound system. There are many websites that help you to setup your surround sound system which would save you the money you would spend on a surround sound specialist. Books on setting up surround sound systems are also available in the market. The best way to setup your surround sound system by yourself would be to get some basic information from websites or books and then use a trial and error method to position the speakers. Sound preferences can differ from person to person and this trial and error method is a great way to setup your surround sound system to your liking.

A good video projection coupled with a great surround sound system will give you a similar experience to watching a movie in a movie theater. You can get the feel of watch your favorite movies in a theater right in the coziness of your home. A theater provides direct and explosive sound, but with a good surround sound system you can experience similar sound at your home. Surround sound systems have revolutionized the way we hear sound and with lot of research going into surround sound systems, it can only get better!

Pro Sound Systems VS Garage Band PA – Why a Typical Band Should Rent Production

As a sound company owner I have had many conversations with prospective customers and friends about renting equipment and its benefits. While I realize it is not always appropriate to rent gear, I find that most amateur bands who actually begin to play out in public have no understanding of what they are getting themselves into when it comes to production. They usually waste time and money while achieving poor results by trying to be in the production business while playing in a band.

Anyone who has ever played in a band or knows someone who has played in a band has at one time or another discussed the PA. This usually involves a trip to the local music store and some level of sticker shock at the prices. Then, if the band gets a few “gigs”, someone scrapes up a few thousand dollars and goes shopping and the band then has something that they call a PA. Add some more shopping along with some horse trading and the system is growing into a larger PA. This cycle perpetuates itself in a nearly infinite cycle till the band “breaks up” and much like a couple in a divorce, splits everything up and goes their separate ways. The exception to this is of the course the kids whose parents have too much money and try to buy their kids a trip to the Grammy Awards at the local music store in one lump payment. Neither of these scenarios is a particularly smart investment.

The two main reasons why 99% of local band PA systems sound terrible is

1) the band guys nor the guys at the local music store know much about a sound system
2) the band guys do not have nor are they willing to spend the money it takes to put together a proper sound system.

Over the years, I have witnessed first hand these exact instances occur simultaneously numerous times. Band members head to music store and tell salesman they can spend $10,000. Salesman tells them that is plenty of money and they get started putting together the perfect $10,000 sound system. Now the band has $10,000 worth of mid-level equipment that they thinks is capable of anything and the salesman has a nice commission. Everyone is happy, bliss for all. Eventually, the band decides they need more subs so the kick drum will sound better and some compressors to make everything better. And last but not least, lots of effects.

This scenario has been repeated so many times it is mind boggling. The most unbelievable part is that they never seem to learn. The sound is never right, gear tears up, subs blow, monitors wont get loud enough, and of course the main problem… wait for it… someone has got to move all this stuff around and try to make it work; and hopefully somehow, someway get lucky and sound like the “pros”. Problem is that this involves actual work, and there are no girls and cheering fans which eliminates about 75% of band guys from participating in this activity. Consequently, this leaves the work load to a few brave souls who bear the load of many. And in the end, it normally just sounds plain terrible which is a poor return on their misplaced investment.

The bands problems started before they got to the music store. The problems began with their lack of knowledge and their budget, or more specifically, what they wanted to accomplish with their budget. A budget of $10,00 which is probably rare for most bands, will only begin to scratch the surface of what they need. For example, most bands ignore the first and obvious issue they face… electricity. A proper power distribution system and quality heavy gauge power cables are essential for anything but a small sound system; yet I see few bands who address this issue. Most amateur bands are powered by extension cords from Home Depot or Wal-Mart that are usually well undersized. This will work, but it hurts the systems ability in most instances and decreases what little output capacity the system had to begin with. With no help from their salesman and no actual understanding of the electrical requirements of their system, the band has started off on the wrong foot and it will only get worse. For the sake of keeping this article from becoming a multi-volume work, I will not go into detail on every shortcoming of a low budget system. I will save something for future articles.

The lack of knowledge and budget has lead the band to purchase gear that is just not capable of providing the level of performance they desire and need. I have made the suggestion many times to band members trying to spend $5000 or $10000 to not buy a full blown PA, but rather invest in very high quality self powered and processed speakers that double as monitors, a high quality small mixer and a high quality basic mic package. They will not get as much “stuff” but it will work at a much higher level and it will be easier to operate which is a huge bonus because of their lack of tech skills. This equipment can be used to practice and play small shows. This works out very well mainly because the level of technical skill needed is lower, there is less gear to carry around and it normally sounds much better than a bunch of music store junk.

If and when the band gets bigger and better gigs that the smaller self-powered boxes cannot handle, they then can call a reputable sound provider and rent a system that is appropriate for the venue. This has so many advantages I wonder why I see band PA so often in places it does not belong. The main and obvious advantage to renting a professional system is it just plain sounds better. The differences in a professionally deployed sound system, even a club type system, and a local band PA are overwhelming. Professional system will have better bass response while maintaining clarity and overall balanced sound as opposed to the kick drum heavy icepick tone of most band PA’s. The Professional system will be able to achieve the SPL needed without driving the system into clip all night long. The professional system will come with a tech who will be able to dial in the system to the particular room and make the band sound better than they otherwise could or would.

The main argument most band guys have against this concept is that it costs too much to rent and they will make less money. I always counter by telling them they can probably play a large portion of their shows with the smaller powered cabinets and then ask them that if they are not making enough to rent a larger system, why are they willing to personally bring a larger sound system? The investment in the large useless pile of gear they call a PA was real money, but it generates nearly no return on investment (ROI); and assuming it still works, is barely worth half what they paid for it shortly after its purchase.

The Basics of Surround Sound Systems

Are you not wondering what’s new with most of the cinemas nowadays? Take an analysis of it. Before, the sound quality of the movie is not that crisp, it is not as good as now. Due to the recent advances in technology today, man continue to develop the ways on how to make entertainment even entertaining which offers goo quality picture and crisp sound.

You might be familiar with the surround sound system. You might mistake it with large speakers and larger bass sound. Surround tune system is not that bulky though it offers the same quality sound.

Surround sound system is the latest technology for crisp sound quality. It is mostly heard in movie cinemas and theaters.

It promises all out surround quality with centralized sound. Before, we are contented with single speakers positioned behind the screen, Surround tune technology will definitely change the way you are hearing your favorite movie. What is with the surround out that sets it apart from other sound technologies? The surround sound technology consists of speakers, the remote, and the control system. The pricing varies depending on the specifications.

Surround sound systems, whatever the brand is, have the same sound principle. Say for example, virtual surround system is efficient is giving out quality sound just like the multi-surround sound speakers does, but with fewer cables and minimal speakers. The setting would include two sets of speakers placed in front of the audience and another one somewhere else in the room, just like what some of the movie theaters does. The sound effects will be like a 5.1 surround tune system though it only consists of a subwoofer and two speakers.

Surround sound systems use the study for psychoacoustics which is the way people perceive and hear sound through the human ears. The principles applied in most surround sound systems were generally based on the study of psychoacoustics. To ensure better quality sound, experts used different techniques to improve the sound quality while limiting the number of speakers used.

What they do is they normally alter the sound waves using different techniques to improve the sound quality. What we hear in movie theaters is a solid, devastating sound as if the wave is coming from a very big bass system. Do you know that there are generally two speakers installed to come up with a very good surround tune?

Surround sound system can be installed not only in movie theaters but it is also applicable to your entertainment rooms in the comforts of your home. Due to its availability in the market today, even if you are not going to movie theaters a lot, you can experience high quality surround sound at home. With your high definition TV, set up the latest surround tune system.